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Skip trace Romania

Specialized and tailored services, skip trace, vehicle tracking, missing persons, all services conducted on the national territory of Romania. Selected services available for Moldova and Bulgaria, please inquire. Contact us on office@eurosurveillance.ro or directly at +40741394667.

The winter is coming

Our experience regarding the insurance claims we get to verify from our clients, is that the claims are multiplying during the winter. No idea why, probably because of the risks some insured folks take when skying and such. Travel is something which is big during the winter holidays, and that is clearly a reason. Winter […]

Focus on client needs

Every time my service quote is turned down by a prospective client, a question pops by itself (an annoying moment, don’t you know it): was that because my quote was too high to be considered lucrative for client, or was it because my quote was too low to be considered serious and professional ? There […]

NAPBS membership

We are pleased to announce to our community the newly acquired membership with the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (the NAPBS), of course the membership falling to the European chapter of the said association. I am sure this new membership will be a plus to our professional experience for the last 28 yrs, and […]

Expat business investigations

Our service of expat business investigations is focused onto the business and commercial activities of expatriate individuals living and working in Romania. This service is a bit different from our usual due diligence or financial background on companies which we offer separately. The research will be focused on: company associations or self employed status financial […]

Increase of demand

To my surprise, there is an (unexpected) increase in background check and intellectual property related services. A year ago I would have said these services were less requested than say, due diligence or claim research, based on a long activity in this field of private investigations.  Of course I am not complaining, au contraire: given […]

Romania personal investigation

A background investigation on an individual typically starts by identification of the best appropriate source records which can be identified through online suppliers, local government facilities, regulatory agencies; however, we do this by observing the new GDPR 2018 and national regulations concerning data protection and privacy. While many records are public (free or paid access), […]

Insurance claim research

Insurance claim research in Romania, Bulgaria, Republic of Moldova and Hungary, since 1991. Service of investigating an insurance in any of these countries is conducted directly and personal by us, not by using local subcontractors, keeping accuracy of results to a high level, and of course, keeping client’s costs at a minimum. Be that claim […]

Accident reporting Romania Hungary Bulgaria Moldova

We undertake and conduct accident reporting investigations in Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria and Moldova. We do this either as a standalone service, in connection with work-related accidents or in conjunction with our services of insurance claims for the same countries (check Accident reporting Romania Hungary Bulgaria Moldova). If you would like to now more, or to […]

Wire transfer fraud signs

Know how to recognize the warning signs of wire transfer fraud: Someone that you have never met in person is asking for money. This is the biggest red flag for fraud. If you’re in a long-distance relationship with someone you’ve never met in person, be wary of possible fraud, if they start asking for money. […]