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Background verification Romania


We have founded this agency in 1991, and since that year, we have specialized in background checks & verification of past and current professional status of an individual in Romania.

Our services are tailored as per client’s specific needs; apart from regular background verification, we also offer additional services:

  • pre-employment check in Romania
  • screening & vetting services in Romania
  • candidate profiling in Romania
  • employment history and reference collection in Romania
  • CV & identity verification of a candidate in Romania

We undertake such background verification on a regular basis, and deliver 100% spot-on, accurate and professional results.

Our clients are Western human resources companies, who deal with recruiting highly skilled professionals in Romania and Republic of Moldova, or companies looking to hire a professional and who are resourcing via their own HR departments.

We have strong procedures in place, and by observing the utmost legality of the background verification  procedures, we make our reports court-proof.

We can help your organization (be it HR agency, or large company with its own recruiting department). We’ll assist to the best of our professional abilities.

Contact us if you need a background verification in Romania or a screening / vetting service in Romania, or if you need more information about us and our services.

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