Brand protection in Romania

Brand protection in Romania

If you are a investor and established business elsewhere than your own country, you should take double extra steps, when it comes to security of your brand, product, or indeed anything that represents your own intellectual property rights. Otherwise, your business may be in danger.

If that country we speak of is by any chance Romania, double that double security measures; the local legislation and legal protection of your rights may be the main tools with which someone may attack your intellectual property.

When it comes to brand protection, Eurosurveillance Romania is actively involved in helping businesses to protect their rights, when it comes to intellectual property in Romania. We do that by deep research into how your company name, brand or product has been infringed upon, make relevant and legal test purchases, establishing the identity of the infringer, modus operandi, fully reporting on what has happened, the damage and most important, putting things back on track again.

Contact us for a free brand protection case evaluation, without any obligation whatsoever to you; let us know how we can help and assist with any intellectual property infringement and brand protection in Romania.

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