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It is our belief that important decisions are often made without verifying information and distinguishing whether it is relevant or not. This is why we encourage our clients to proceed (as per need) to a business background in Romania. Key jobs in serious companies are often landed by unverified candidates. Vital projects for your company are trusted to non-transparent contractors. Key customers are often unknown individuals and entities. The large number of unsuccessful litigation and loss of financial resources of many companies show that obtaining and checking out information on third parties is vital.

Our procedures

Business background investigation in Romania involves searching, analyzing and thoroughly examining information on selected companies and individuals. These may include job candidates at your company, the top key decision levels and owners of your current or prospective partners, competitors, contractors, customers and others going up or down the chain of your company’s operations.

We specialize in identifying key data, bring forth into light the connections and using ay information to get you the plain facts of your concern.

The results of our investigation are summarized in a written investigation report including, but not limited to the following key steps:

  • key findings analysis(strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats)
  • Identification of high-risk relationships and links among entities
  • analysis of financial statements and data on the entity

Main tasks we consider primordial when approaching a business investigation project:

  • Suspicions of money laundering
  • Anti-corruption reviews and investigation of possible bribery
  • Fraud investigation
  • Asset tracing
  • Background checks on key entities in the course of insolvency proceedings
  • Purchase and sale of companies
  • Screening for conflicts of interest
  • Undisclosed relationships among employees, vendors, business partners and third parties
  • Background checks on key individuals, business partners and employees
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Gathering and evaluation of information on competitors

You will find our business background investigations in Romania to be reliable, trustworthy and accurate.

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