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Business protection

Our business investigations in Romania are often directed together with our due diligence services are offered to alternative investment managers, institutional investors and corporations looking for specific insight and/or competitive advantage.

We often get engaged to identify pending or potential litigation in Romania, labor issues, disunity amongst the executive team, potential regulatory exposure, exploitable security weaknesses, a lack of controls, employee misconduct and competitive analysis.

A different market

Too often, a Romanian company was claiming a clean business manner, whereas in truth, that boat was basically a sieve, leaking business bad conduct, financial nightmares, corruption accusations, corrupt principals or methods of doing business.

We have the right methods to identify these red flags, or to put your mind at ease. Business investigations in Romania

are somewhat of a different kettle of fish altogether: one needs a very good experience and to be connected.

Why us ?

We have these both on our side: last 24 years of unstained business and an extensive network who is put to work hard on your project, occasion arising.

We know there are literally thousands of small companies (such as ours) who offer the same business services, and a few tens of these are located in Romania. Perhaps you even worked with some; perhaps you still are. We assume this and understand it as a reality.

Contact us

Why don’t you give us a try? You will get the kind of service one would want to keep, and that’s a reality too. Our pledge on it.

Please visit our repository page, in order to learn more on what we can offer for a business investigation in Romania.

Feel free to visit our repository page and footer menu. Our company’s presentations and overview of all services can help you to better understand us and to be decisive in sending us your inquiries.

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