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Mystery visitor program in Romania

Eurosurveillance CI mystery visitor program in RomaniaAny self-conscious leisure business owner in Romania need to maintain and increase their market share. Romanian customers are more choosy than ever and one of the first reasons they may visit your place is to enjoy a truly satisfying customer experience.

To get that competitive edge, Romanian or foreign companies active on the Romanian market need to ensure that their level of customer service is constantly getting higher and higher by the day.

Eurosurveillance CI mystery visitor program in Romania always had the goal and mission of developing partnerships with each and every customer they serve, ensuring the data they receive is accurate, actionable and reflective, with the overall goal of providing its customer with the information they need to drive sales and develop a strong service culture within their organizations.

Mystery visitor program in Romania have been shown to consistently improve the customer service, offering that unforgettable experience to each and all guests. A mystery visitor program can be the best investment of your organization.

A mystery visitor program in Romania may help your business to:

  • Continuously evaluate customer service and its standards;
  • Assess the results of training programs;
  • Monitor levels of customer service during promotions and special events;
  • Get rid of that complacency;
  • Motivate staff to offer the best possible level of customer service and care;
  • Helping you in assessing the skills and efforts your staff in putting into work;

We use only the right visitors

We believe that having the right visitors is a key to the success of your mystery-visiting program.

  • our visitors give you reliable, independent and accurate feedback;
  • our visitors come from all social strata and from a wide range of ethnic, gender and backgrounds;
  • are not directly employed in the leisure sector;

Our wide range of visitors based across Romania allows us to work with you to:

  • select the right customer profile for your visits.
  • obtain feedback from outside your current customer profile
  • help you to test new demographics, trial new products and widen your customer appeal.

Eurosurveillance CI mystery visitor program in Romania has been employed nationwide by a variety of industries including restaurants, hotels, travel agencies, HR agencies, real estate companies, banks & financial institutions, convenience stores, car wash, factories and manufacturing enterprises, health centers, medical practices, clinics & private hospitals, public services, civil servant units, theme parks, parking facilities, general retail and more.

If you are considering the option of initiating a mystery visitor program or a mystery shopper one, we are always willing to offer a free consultation to discuss your service needs and help you determine if a mystery shopper program is right for your company based on your goals and budget for providing service excellence within your organization.

Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience for a free assessment and consultation regarding services of mystery visitor program in Romania. Alternatively, you may call our office and we will be glad to explain everything in detail.

We also are known for the ability to completely customize mystery visitor projects for our clients, creating bespoke jobs to answer each and every particular need of our customers!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,

Julian Tanase Eurosurveillance CI Romania

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