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Counterfeit research in Romania

Counterfeit research is a service available at AIR (Anticounterfeit Investigations Romania), a division of Eurosurveillance CI Romania, destined to be deployed in certain conditions. First and foremost, this service is designed in such cases when we, together with law enforcement, run disruptive raids upon a facility suspected to be involved in counterfeit or piracy activities.

For and on behalf of our clients, we endeavor to assist the LE officers in organizing, designing, running and successfully raid and seize counterfeit products. Basically, we are our client eyes and ears before, during and after the raid.

Examples of places where raids are conducted:

  • manufacturing facilities
  • storage facilities
  • commercial shopping centers
  • airports/harbors/warehouses
  • other facilities of interest

We couple the criminal search assist service with our set of excellent value services, such as:

  • assessment of the intellectual property rights
  • coordination with international investigations
  • civil proceedings and criminal procedure support
  • recycling the counterfeit products, with client permission and advice (and if possible)

With our help, the client can act in a fast and efficient manner on either a criminal or a civil level against persons involved in counterfeiting.

If you believe we can assist you in identifying and stopping the damage to your company, brand, and of course, revenue in Romania, please contact us. We will make sure you get a case assessment and quotation of the service, both free of any charge to you.

Last, but not least, we make sure we organize, witness and document the destruction of seized goods, on behalf of our client. After all, destroying the counterfeit goods is paramount; what good would a raid be, without destroying the c/f goods? It is in our client best interest to be sure that the fakes which affect client’s brand, products and company name are disposed of legally.

If in need of a good and professional counterfeit research in Romania, do not hesitate to contact us!

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