Romania private investigations

Counterfeited toys

It all started when my daughter bought a small plastic toy from a “brick-and-mortar” shop here in Bacau. It was the sort of plastic clam, inside a small doll. It does not cost a fortune, although…there would be persons who would say that, I guess). Anyways, it had a label with a well-known toy brand out there. So my daughter bought it and was happy, for like 5 minutes.

She came into my office and said the doll was fake. I smiled; you know what they say about the tree and the sliver of wood. And why is this toy fake, pray? Because it does not do this, it does not do that, the hair is not this or that, and the limbs are not doing whatever. So I got curious, and you know what? She was right. The doll was a fake, and she was illegally branded as a genuine article.

I paid a visit to the shop and inquired onto the provenience of the doll, they were very apologetic and refunded my daughter and gave her a gift card. The manager told me that the doll probably was in the shop by mistake, bla-di-bla, and that all their products are perfectly genuine. I looked convinced; what the moron did not know was that, prior to speaking to him, I had a good look inside the shop at their products. And they all were the same like the one my daughter purchased. So much for genuine products, heh?

Currently, my letter is with the IP law firm we work with; I am expecting these days a letter of cease and desist to arrive on my desk, with orders to be served to that shop manager.  My daughter will come with me when we serve it. There is a lesson in all this for her.

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