Eurosurveillance CI Romania court and legal support

Civil case support – In addition to our investigations services, we offer (via own own or client’s legal advisers) full  support for civil cases which were researched by us in Romania or Republic of Moldova. We also provide investigatory support for any other cases we may be instructed to assist with, in Romania or Moldova.

We know how difficult is for a client to find an appropriate legal services provider for a civil case support and as such, someone suitable to address those intricate legal procedures, after we have processed and packed up our project.

Half of our efficiency is based on a good and reliable follow-ups in court by either our legal adviser or that of our client. The other half is our almost legendary dedication, hard work and loyalty to all our customers.

We are staying at our client disposal even if the project has finished, because we know how things work. And if client needs court representation to bring his case to justice, we are near him, shoulder to shoulder, for that successful closure of the case he paid for, and which we worked hard for.

If in need of clarifications on the matter of civil case support, do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience.

Thank you!

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