Romania private investigations

Due diligence is a must

Have you established contact with a Romanian company operating in your country, in order to discuss future  joint ventures perhaps? Are you doing business with a Romanian company, operating on the national territory of Romania? Wish to know more about its past, current operations, who are its associates, even who are its administrators perhaps? Eurosurveillance CI (est 1991) can assist you in taking the right business decision.

While it is true that open source databases can give you a glimpse into the business operations of a Romanian company, this is not enough (not by far); anyone can compile a report based on free internet data and serve it to you as an investigation report, and charging tons of money for it. We do not do that.

Our due diligence reports are inclusive of real worth information, of the type you cannot find on the open sources anywhere. We use non-public consolidated databases to scour for and obtain that valuable data for you, so you can take an educated decision for your business. And we do obtain these information on both company and its principal(s), partners (former and current), its hidden court files (civil or criminal), principal’s brief or extended background, involvement with state-owned companies or entities, branches, background of its operations in Romania, principal’s involvement with other companies in Romania or in Europe (EU), Americas, and some more selected countries.

Our due diligence investigations in Romania are par to none. Contact us today for a free of charge project assessment and ask for our information pack. We’ll oblige!

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