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Focus on client needs

focus on client needs

Every time my service quote is turned down by a prospective client, a question pops by itself (an annoying moment, don’t you know it): was that because my quote was too high to be considered lucrative for client, or was it because my quote was too low to be considered serious and professional ?

There used to be a time when my only concern was that of my quotes need to be fair, good value for money and honestly priced, generally speaking. It took me a long time to adjust my steps into market needs, prices, trends and so forth.

I thought it to be proper business and professional render of service that was required from me. I thought those to be enough for my business to prosper. Steep learning curves, and by God, they were rewarding times.

Good and honest times. Gone times.

Nowadays? Interesting times, to say the least. I find myself thinking more and more to the client’s cost affordability, much more than I used to. Things such as “can I afford that?”, ” what margin would this provide ?” or “can I have this cheaper elsewhere?” are good questions, you agree; however, the thing is that these questions are not asked in relation to my own business, but with that of my client in mind. I am thinking more and more about what can the client afford to pay for a service, if my quote will meet his budget, if he finds my offer right and lucrative, and so forth. Kind of focusing on client, what he needs, what he wants, how can I assist to the best of my professional abilities, that sort of thing.

Fair enough, clients do exist so that one can run successfully one’s business. Can’t do without, I’m told. Right then, back to business. Client’s business, that is.

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