Identity theft as a tool of fraud

Identity theft as a tool of fraud

Among other “tools of trade”, the scammers are employing (with great success,  I may add) that of identity theft. While not the brightest or sharpest method in the “scam business tool box”, the identity theft is one of the most often seen method of making honest people part with their hard earned cash, be that scam perpetrated on the internet or face to face. Reasons for such ranges from online relations ( do help me, I am a poor 19 yrs old student in Romania / my mother just got into hospital, my rent is unpaid /  etc), to just being scammed over the sale/purchase of an item online.

We have seen such identity theft examples even in the employment / hiring background checks in Romania, processed by us during employment or screening projects. We also have seen it when we run background checks on ladies who befriended our clients under assumed names, and then milking them of their money, safely hidden under a false identity. And when clients are waking up and smell the fraud, the perpetrator may go scot-free, for all the client has to show is a fake ID card, passport, or a fake name and address in Romania.

Eurosurveillance CI Romania has an extensive experience of 27 yrs in the field of investigating fraud and scam in Romania, against scammers and fraudsters in Romania; do not let that thief get way with your hard earned cash. Check him or her right now, completely confidential. We tackle this issue of identity theft as a tool of fraud with the utmost speed, legality and professional expertise.

If you have any reasons (and I mean ANY) to suspect that your online friend of not really being who she/he claims to be, do not hesitate to contact us for a free case assessment, without no obligation to you whatsoever.

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