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Identity theft

We all can be victims of an identity theft, anytime, in almost any circumstances; this is the sad truth. We are all aware of the rising menace of our personal data, our hard-earned money, indeed our very lives being taken away from us in a fraudulent manner. I personally believe that the most hard to bear feeling is that this can happen anytime, in a half-second stroke of a hacker.

Yes, I know that there are some very good methods out there, some swear by this or that way of protecting yourself while online, or when checking in with your savings account. Or when you chat with your buddies, or send/receive business messages, or even when you buy that long-sought laptop or wristwatch from Evilbay.

But. There are so many buts, and ifs, and “what about this?” instances, that there cannot possibly exist a waterproof method for ever tool in a hacker’s bag (and believe you me, these are numerous, more numerous than you ever envisaged).

So, we all would like to be in a position where to cheat the,er, cheater.

What, then, is our lot? Just buy online protection like maniacs, and realize after some time that the software is easily overtaken by some cheeky and clever web thug? Perhaps this is the a way.

Just be smart, my son. Be smart, attentive and read the signs. For there are signs, believe you me. Weird email address, unknown provider, fancy names (lie those in Danielle Steele’s books), funny named or unwanted/unsolicited attachments, and so forth.

Example given: I got an email message the other day, which said “You Paypal account has been suspended. Immediate action required”. Now, I deal with Paypal as the next guy, nothing more. So I saw the PAYPAL on the subject line, and wanted to see who sent me the message (whence it came from). One funny thing is that my BB Passport does not automatically shows the sender’s address. (Of course you can tinker with settings and have that appear on every message). And the sender’s address was something like ” goose across the pond” thing, not PP. So, binned the darn ting immediately.

Remember (or try to) which email address is registered with what company or with whom.Obviously the message will scream “boo-hoo” if it comes from say, Ebay, and you never registered THAT email address with THAT particular service or goods provider. Follow the logic, my son.

“Caveat”…that word was not invented for nothing. Still very today-ish, mind you.

Eurosurveillance CI Romania is conducting identity theft investigations and cyber investigations. Do contact us for a free assessment and quotation of your identity theft concern.

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