Romania private investigations

ID Testing Services 

Our services are very simple to use, and have a great impact on your sale management policies, improves your sale staff awareness, and makes you legal proof which in turns saves your company a lot of possible legal and court trouble in the future.

How the service works:

  • We’ll visit the site you indicate, anywhere in Romania
  • We attempt to purchase an age-restricted product, such as tobacco, alcohol
  • We record information / key facts and data about the transaction (if the ID was requested, of the person serving us, obtain a receipt, and other facts which are usable in court if needed.
  • We issue a full report about the visitation, complete with key data obtained, within 24 hrs after the service has been run

For this type of service, our buyers are all youngsters, all looking younger than 18 yrs old. According to legislation current in Romania, any and all sellers of age-restricted products should ask for an ID document when selling the above products to a young-looking person. If the seller asks for such, during our tests, then the shop respects the law; if not, the shop hasn’t passed the test.

For more info on our services, you may contact us here.

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