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Eurosurveillance CI provides internet fraud investigation services in Romania, services that helps large multi-company groups, small businesses, and individuals address serious fraud cases that fall below the thresholds of the local or national police departments.

Our client’s identity remains highly confidential; however, our clients retain control over the information.  In most internet fraud cases the probability of recovering money that you have lost is very low. If you have not had an professional investigator working on your case within 72 hours of the incident, you more than likely will not recover any of the loss. For this reason we only investigate crimes that have a high probability of success in arresting the individuals, and/or bringing a civil action against them to recover the loss.

We undertake cases of these types:

  • Internet Extortion
  • Business Fraud
  • Investment Schemes
  • Auction Fraud
  • Vehicle Purchase Scams
  • Internet Dating Scams
  • Escrow Services Fraud
  • Interception Of Wire Transfers
  • Wire Transfer Frauds
  • Employment Opportunity Frauds
  • Ponzi Schemes
  • Pyramid Schemes

We are experienced when it comes to internet fraud investigations in Romania; we’ve been in this field for more than 24 years now! Our rate of success is high, our work is deep and efforts are hard, and for this reason, we only undertake cases on an hourly basis of EUR 80,00 per hour billed against a retainer. On cases of EUR 25.000,00 or more we offer other billing options tied to success of the investigation.

Internet fraud investigation is a very specialized field of investigations that go beyond the resources of most investigation agencies, police departments or law firms. A successful investigations asks for a blend of seasoned investigation experience, a good fathom of the fraudulent schemes, internet and computer forensics, covert operations and involvement of legal expertise in these areas.

In most of our cases, should we accept your case, we are able to develop the required evidence, and in many cases assist in getting the individual(s) arrested or sued for their actions.

If you have a case regarding a possible internet fraud investigation in Romania, do not hesitate to contact us as soon as possible, so we can trace the fraudster in an efficient manner!