– deep research of a claim or fraud attempt –

Claim research

We understand it as a reality that the majority of such insurance claims are legit, and people need to be helped to overcome a stressful moment which happened during their travels or visitation of places. However, there are some claims which need to be researched, mainly because they are questionable. Fair is fair.

Hands-on procedures

We have strong research procedures in place, empowering us to swiftly and professionally investigate insurance claims or a possible fraud in Romania or in any country of our services area in Eastern & Central Europe. We do this legally and court-proof, thus enabling the client to obtain clean, beyond any doubt facts.

In-depth research

We take protection of our client’s interests to a new level. Deep and enhanced efforts are taken to ensure a claim is properly investigated. See it all, understand the events, talk to all involved, gather all data – all done in a lawful manner.

Local, national & regional liaison

With more than 24 yrs under our belt, we have a good comprehension of the local and national knowledge on how and what needs to be done to solve an insurance claim.

Good relations with the local and national law enforcement and various authorities are a must and we usually successfully liaise with said authorities, in Romania or the aforementioned countries.

Feel free to visit our repository page and footer menu, regarding our claim research policy. Our company’s presentations and overview of all services can help you to better understand us and to be decisive in sending us your inquiries.

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