– protect your brand or product –

Legal approach

We thoroughly understand and comply with the FCPA and local / national law, where both approach and research of a IP infringing matters projects is concerned.

We always observe the client’s instructions to the letter, and never put our client at risk by careless conduct when investigating or by employing unlawful or at best, shady procedures.

Rapid deployment

We deploy immediately upon client instructions; our approach is immediate action, be that test purchase in Romania of a sample, or a more deep look into a possible channel of counterfeit manufacturing/importing or distributing a c/f product in Romania.

Deep research

We take protection of our client’s interests to a new level. Deep and enhanced efforts are taken to ensure his brand or trademark, or indeed his product is fenced inside a risk-free zone. Risk-free or safe environment, in our concept, means identify the unlawful operations responsible of black market or counterfeit     ->

or grey market products, identify and locate the black market operators responsible for manufacturing, importing and distributing or otherwise tampering with our client intellectual property rights in Romania and Moldova.

Local, national & regional knowledge

With more than 24 yrs under our belt, we have a good comprehension of the local and national aspects of counterfeiting and illegal chains of operations, where intellectual property is concerned.

Where an international investigation becomes apparent, we have a good network of sources in Moldova, Hungary and Bulgaria. Good relations with the local and national law enforcement and customs are a must and we usually successfully liaise with said authorities, in Romania or the aforementioned countries.

Post investigation stages

We can actively support our clients after the intellectual property investigations are over, by helping the legal adviser or attorney to establish new facts or deepen those existent, or by cooperating with the authorities from ground up, providing knowledge and support towards safeguarding client’s business interests.

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