risk and regulatory compliance romania


Counterfeiting and piracy investigations in Romania is what we do, since 1991. Our approach to this important activity of safeguarding your company product is simple, yet decisive. After 25 years, we polished our skills to bright results:

  • identify the counterfeit product
  • identify the counterfeit market
  • identify the counterfeiter
  • establish methods, places and network of manufacturers, suppliers, importers, distributors, sellers and manufacturing or storage facilities
  • get the hard facts and proof of illegal activity
  • obtain law enforcement support
  • raid the premises, arrest & prosecute the counterfeiters
  • destroy, witness & report the destruction of c/f products

We strive to achieve maximum impact for our clients benefit, no matter what the project was about: brand protection, trademark infringement, product counterfeiting, etc. We put the same efforts in all types of counterfeiting and piracy investigations in Romania.

This is it. As said, simple, yet effective. Get there, dig deep, talk law and protect our client interests and his business hard earnings. We take counterfeiting and piracy investigations in Romania extremely serious and our focus is to protect client’s brand and the right to his intellectual property he deserves.

Do contact us for your counterfeiting and piracy investigations in Romania today!