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Is this Bregret now ?

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UK has decided for leave. Wait, actually not all of the population wants the departure of the British wagon from the EU depot. Not yet, that is.

Looks like the action on art.50 (as result of past referendum) will have to be decided by another one (another referendum, yes). Never heard this nonsense before. I am hearing that grumpy Jock MacBeatha and streetwise Paddy O’Brien are glued strong onto the EU bench, and they are not to be dragged out of there, under no circumstances.

Part of the mayhem which followed the referendum was a result of lots of people not turning up for vote, or those who voted were not exactly savvy about what means to pry Britain out of EU. One could easily say that Cameron’s attempt failed, because someone chose not to show up for the battle. And those who did, took a brief leave of their senses, according to EU analysts.

Perhaps they will have more luck with the second referendum, if any shall occur. For now, Britain has to pay the piper, and the bill may be a back-crippling one.

Re EU pricking Britain into “leave now, or else…”, I say this: who thought the old enmities and centuries long back-stabbing were a matter of yore days, it’s deadly wrong. Some powers-to-be believe it’s just about the time to pay back. What, why, where from…remains to be seen. One thing is certain: if EU and the UK had what we could call a marriage, there was no love lost between the two.

As I am not (obviously) a political analyst or anything of the sort, the above can and should be viewed as my two cents’ opinion. Or pennies. Which is also the real value of this article, if you ask me :-).



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