Market research for counterfeit products

Market research for counterfeit products

It usually doesn’t take much to realize you have reasons to fear your product or brand is being counterfeit, copied or otherwise infringed upon in Romania. Word about such is quickly spreading like wild fire, when it comes to bad news. So, what does one do in such cases?

Well, take action, for starters; it follows logic that, in case of a product being targeted by counterfeiters to be copied and put on sale as the real thing, that product needs to be sold on the open market. Otherwise, what would be the point of producing copies of it in the first place, right?

So you hire us; we start a market research campaign, focused on the existence of your product on the market in Romania. We scrutinize the B2B portals, online sale websites, public tenders, sale offers, small businesses offering their services in selling or buying bulk or retail, small or medium to large companies retailing products similar to yours, personal adverts in sale catalogues online, and so forth. If your product is being falsified and sold in Romania, we get the proof of this. From there on, it’s the usual business: test purchase, find who the seller is, where does he get the products from, distribution, storage, the whole thing.

Call on us for a market research for counterfeit products in Romania.

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