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Medical travel claims in Romania

We possess 25 years of vast experience in medical and travel claims and have established a proven reputation in the insurance industry for exposing fraudulent applications of medical & travel claims.

Medical claim investigations

Our strategies to reveal a possible fraud of a medical claim include each aspects of the case:

  • reason to need for health care services
  • identify ghost patients or disguised patients
  • lack of medical necessity
  • false certification
  • verification of all the necessary certificates and diagnose documents

Travel claim investigations

There are so many individuals who are taking out travel insurance as a bid to file false claims on their policy; a number of fake reasons are filing regularly to obtain financial gains.

We start our investigations from the cause roots till the end and our strategy behind the detection of fraudulent travel claims is to know the all possible evidence of the claim.

  • Hospitalization claims
  • Find out the precise incident happened
  • Obtain comprehensive statements and witnesses
  • Injury and accident claims
  • Inquiries with hotels, tour operators, airlines, travel agents and local police forces
  • Theft claims
  • Loss of valuables (e.g. laptops, cameras, and other valuable items)

When researching medical travel claims wee take the necessary steps in order to make it harder (if not impossible) for bogus claimants of medical and travel claims to succeed in fabricating such a claim, while increasing your protection. We feature the services that we provide to help you for fighting against this crime and fraudulent activities in Insurance sector.

If you are suspicious about a claim, we are always here to establish the circumstances of the claim, so just let us know you need our assistance for medical travel claims in Romania.

If you believe we can assist you with a medical travel claims case in Romania, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free of charge case assessment and quotation of the relevant service.