mystery shopping

Mystery shopping

In the last years, Eurosurveillance CI Romania has been offering innovative services in Romania, such as the study of Romania’s markets, customer satisfaction, mystery shopping, service quality and market intelligence. Such services are still among our top ones offered to foreign and domestic companies activating in Romania.

The services of mystery visitor in Romania, mystery shopping, probing customer’s satisfaction and moreover, getting intelligence on if a company branch is managed according to the head company policies…these all and much more are something we are undertaking and conducting on a regular basis.

Be the case of a company in need of measuring the customer satisfaction, or that of a company who has a branch in Romania and it looks like the branch is having a hard time in following general policies or customer service policy, we are researching the facts and report it back to our client.

Looking forward to hearing from you, if your query is related to  services of mystery visitor and mystery shopping in Romania, so contact us for a free assessment and quotation for your case of mystery shopping in Romania.

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