Yes, we are not cheap. No, we are not that expensive either. We believe that we deliver very good quality for money and our fees vs. excellent quality of our reports categorically show this.

We strongly suggest to all our customers to pay by bank transfer. It is proper, it is safe, it is what all accountants want (including mine). Clean, honest, straight books and no troubles.

However, we do understand that at times, clients may choose the most convenient way of transferring funds to us. That is why we welcome and agree to whichever method of payment our clients choose.


Please ask for our banking details. These include IBAN / SWIFT / ACCOUNT NO. / BANK NAME & ADDRESS / NAME OF ACCOUNT HOLDER


You may pay directly or let us know so we can send you a payment request or an invoice from inside Paypal. Please note that if you choose to pay by Paypal, you’ll have to add 5% as Paypal commission, to the final amount you’ll be transferring to us.


All we need is the MTCN number. Do inquire for details on recipient of transfer, please.


Although this almost never happens, we do accept such payment method.

We always send a proforma invoice, and after the payment is done with, we always send the client a Service Invoice as proof of payment, irrespective of the method used for transfer.

Most of the times we do not ask for a retainer; however, there are situations when we have to. This has nothing to do with not trusting our clients or anything similar; it’s only that, well, sometimes we have to.

Our General Agreement (T&C) can be downloaded or perused here. You are encouraged to read and download the document.