Pharma counterfeit investigation Romania

Pharma counterfeit investigation Romania

My experience with undertaking and conducting projects of anti-counterfeit products is of more than 25 yrs now. Starting with 1991, continuing through the 2000’s, and until this moment, conducting intellectual property infringement investigations (under any form shape or manner these may have been appearing on my desk) was and is a way of properly employing that experience to the benefit of my clients.

Most successful projects were (and still are) investigating pharmaceutical and consumables (toner and cartridges); two of the most lucrative fields for counterfeiters and illegal sellers out there. But we also know that where you have greedy people, an investigator (a skilled and experienced one) can get successful hits. And I did. Lots of them, keeping my customers happy, and viceversa, obviously.

I mainly deal with professional market research for prospective counterfeit leads, for the pharma and consumables industries. Obviously, I can deal with other products if need be, but these two are my thing.

I also specialize in following, developing and confirmation of the leads generated, including (but not limited to covert test purchases), investigating the identity, location, estimated size of the stock available, storage locations, supply sources, sale environment, preparing legal data for LE action, liaising with client’s representative in front of the authorities, if need be, and so forth. I deal with the whole 9 yards, as they say.

If interested in such a service of pharma counterfeit investigation Romania, please contact me, I’ll be more than happy to discuss with you your project in Romania.

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