risk and regulatory compliance romania

We cover the entire national territory of Romania, fully licensed and insured. We have strong relations with customs and law enforcement agencies; we can travel fast to any location in this country, with the minimum of ahead notice.

We maintain an office in this country, so Moldova has a very good regional coverage. We undertake regular background checks, commercial investigations and insurance claims. We speak the native language, for one (which is big, seeing that they speak a lot of Russian). However, the databases in this country are scarce, and those which exists are own by the state. Therefore, gathering facts and data is often a dirty job, what with literally sifting thru tones of paper in basements, or worse, never find the files we need.

We do the jobs ourselves in this country. We know the language, we know people there, we are close to this part of Europe. Obviously, you can hire a local, but where you’d find one that can offer a 24 yrs of experience, good competitive prices, coupled with our dedication? In Hungary, we usually undertake work on insurance claims, background checks, missing persons, commercial. investigations.

The countries where we are active (regional coverage) are split into service areas, so to speak. This means that we assessed (and still are, periodically) what are our real possibilities in a certain country: availability of sources, public or not databases, expenses; so when we undertake a project in a particular region, we are certain to provide the client with 100% accurate results.

For information which are the areas serviced and what type of service is available in that particular are, please download the “List of available services 2015” document from the repository page here.

Check our regional coverage map here.

1 – bright green – countries covered 100%

2 – white – countries where we have a good coverage (please inquire before placing an order)

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