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Private investigations in Romania

Private investigations in Romania

We are specialized in conducting private investigations in Romania, since 1991. We stand by our professional approach to any projects, based on our quarter of a century experience, and based on our proven skills and commitment to any of our clients.

Our service portfolio comprises of the following types of private investigations in Romania (but not limited to):

  • Accident reporting
  • Missing persons
  • Skip trace for persons and vehicles
  • Static and mobile surveillance
  • Vehicle theft, vehicle track and trace
  • Pre-matrimonial research on Romanian individuals
  • Identity theft and illegal impersonation
  • Due diligence in Romania, commercial investigations, business intelligence services
  • Counterfeit investigations, test purchases, brand protection, intellectual property infringement, copyright theft, trademark infringement
  • Insurance claim investigations, medical claim, travel claim investigations in Romania
  • Background check in Romania, screening, employment and pre-employment check, human resources candidate verification

All of these services are offered to our clients on a “bespoke tailoring” label attached, as it were; we are always glad to listen to our clients and modify any type of investigation as per their specific needs.

We profess a deep, unconditional, complete commitment to client. This, coupled with the human intelligence factor, creates an unbeatable weapon with which we resolve to approach any project of business private investigations in Romania and due diligence in Romania. And we indeed obtain very good and powerful results, empowering our client so he can take the best decisions for his/her company.

For any of your queries for the above services, or for any other not listed herein, do not hesitate to contact us, regarding a possible project of private investigations in Romania.

Thank you!

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