risk regulatory compliance

Risk regulatory compliance

Risk Regulatory Compliance Romania – In today’s Romania, foreign companies need targeted compliance knowledge to prevent and detect violations and to respond effectively when issues arise. That is why we deliver powerful knowledge in our reports for risk and regulatory compliance in Romania. We have the expertise to evaluate the effectiveness of compliance and ethics programs and to develop a proactive approach to mitigating risks.

Among other things, we assist our clients in researching business platforms, designed to identify potential risk areas.

We have been undertaking and investigating risk & compliance projects in Romania since 1991.

Our own-designed procedures on assessing risk regulatory compliance in Romania allow us to play an invaluable role in strengthening client operations and protecting assets and reputations. We provide proven and cost-effective solutions based mainly on risk assessment procedures.

Some of what we can do for you:

  • Identification of existence of risk
  • Corruption and impeding public scandals, related to a certain company
  • Verification of licenses, right to commerce, attribution of questionable public tenders
  • Principal/s or associate/s profile, assess the risk based on their past and present activities
  • Company acquisitions, public funds recourse, FCPA – related issues

We are able to assist in complex litigation investigations, including False Claims Act cases, business disputes and other issues.

Please contact us for your questions on how may we help,regarding services of risk and regulatory compliance Romania.

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