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Sick leave verification

Do you find that your employees are not showing up for work, due to a sudden sick leave, on a more frequent basis during the summer and during the holiday seasons? You may onto something here.

It is true and it goes without saying that employees need equitable sick leave programs for security and overall high performance. Yet, some organizations suffer from sick leave abuse, and sick leave abuse translates into business loss and failure to meet that department targets. Not to mention the disruption of the productive environment, burdening the others with supplementing their tasks with those of the employee who is on sick leave.

Many work issues may result from repeated sick leave abuse and misuse. It is obviously virtually impossible to list or identify every single potential offense. Therefore, adjust and hone your policies, so to retain the flexibility to deal with employee situations individually should the need arise.

We can help you, within the legal boundaries, to ascertain if a sick leave pattern is something fraudulent; we do this in a confidential environment, and mandatory extra care is taken to observe the utmost factor of this action – legality.

Contact us today, for a free of charge assessment of a sick leave verification needs, and do ask us for our information pack and various levels and costs.

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