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Anticounterfeit Investigations

We have been involved in the fight against fakes since 1991.
A nti-counterfeiting and brand infringement investigations is something we are specialized in, since 1991. Our approach to this important activity of safeguarding your company product is simple, yet decisive.

As we know that the counterfeit products exist in virtually every industry sector, including food, beverages, apparel, accessories, footwear, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronics, auto parts, toys, electronic goods and etc, we are fully prepared to undertake and run such projects..

We strive to achieve maximum impact for our clients benefit, no matter what the project was about: brand protection, trademark infringement, product counterfeiting, etc. We set a high standard to all anti-counterfeiting investigations in Romania.

As said, simple, yet effective. Get there, dig deep, talk law and protect our client interests and his business hard earnings. We take counterfeiting and piracy investigations in Romania extremely serious and our focus is to protect client's brand and the right to his intellectual property he deserves.



Toners & inks

Toys & electronics

Alcohol & beverages

Clothing & apparel

Tobacco & cigarettes

Cosmetic goods

Our approach, in a nutshell


- identify the counterfeit product, understand the c/f action, assess and prepare interim with results, prepare online or in-person for a covert test purchase / sampling.


- establish methods, places and network of manufacturers, suppliers, importers, distributors, sellers and manufacturing and / or storage facilities used.

Decisive action

- initiate and obtain hard data and proof of illegal activity, liaise with legal advisors of the client, obtain law enforcement support, prepare raid and represent the client.

Legal closure

- assist the LE to raid the premises, support the action, offer litigation further assistance, liaise with LE for destruction of the products deem counterfeited.

Litigation support

- standby for client's legal representative, in order to support any court procedures, following the completion of the investigation project and tasks.

Market survey

- if so further instructed, initiate market survey on a certain seller or product, in order to supervise the early apparition of a possible infringing activities.