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A professional and friendly firm with a strong sense of loyalty towards its customers.

E urosurveillance CI Romania has existed since 1991, one of the first private investigations agencies of its kind in this country. For the last almost 30 years now, we have been conducting professional investigative services to the business and legal communities in Romania, in Europe and in the United States.

As time went by, we have improved our services, delivering better results to our clients. We have gathered good experience with working in our region, and we have extended our coverage beyond Romania, currently conducting selected services in most of the Eastern and Central Europe.

We are now operating our services through 5 main investigation departments, all part of our firm: anti-counterfeit / IP-related investigations, business research (enhanced due diligence), background checks, insurance claims, general inquiries. Services such as process of service, skip trace, litigation support are included in our service portfolio.

Our special investigations license covers Romania nationwide, and we have legal means to run investigations in other countries within the EU and outside of it as well. Main territories we actively operate in are Rep. of Moldova, Hungary, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Rep, Slovenia and Slovakia.

Business research

In-depth research of due diligence and professional reporting for the customer.


IP & brand infringement, test purchase, illegal trade, market studies.

Background checks

Employment and education validation, identity and CV verification.

Inquiries general

Research of individual entities, surveillance, vehicle track & trace.

Insurance claims

Medical or travel claims, death abroad, accident reporting, alive & well.

Service of Process

Court and official documents, cease and desist, as per the Hague Convention.

Skip trace

Missing or absconding individuals, locating addresses, identity validation.

Litigation support

Support of court procedures, liaise with LE, attorney-supervised actions.

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Why should you take your business to us ?


Our firm's professional background of 30 years speaks for itself.


Long, good standing with the ABI UK and other profess. bodies.


Very good recommendations from serious companies worldwide.

Value vs costs

Our fees do offer exceedingly good value for the costs involved..


Our services had gained a rock-solid reputation for this region.

Portfolio of services

Wecover most of the professional fields of services in our region.