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Insurance Claim Investigations

We have gathered extensive professional experience in the last 30 years, researching and documenting medical & travel claims in Romania and in our region (Eastern & Central Europe). We have a proven reputation for exposing fraudulent applications of medical & travel claims and our approach to investigate and reveal a possible fraud of a claim is second to none.

Claim investigations

We conduct insurance claims investigations on behalf of our clients, in order to evaluate the legitimacy of a claim. We investigate and our concise and exact reports assists the client to make an educated decision about how to proceed with a certain claim.

Insurance investigations

Fraudulent insurance claims are damaging the companies and their honest clients, therefore it's vital to check that every claim is legit, true and accurate. Car accidents, thefts, work-related injuries and property losses are the usual insurance claims that require a careful scrutiny.

Regional coverage

We conduct insurance claim investigations in Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Austria, Republic of Moldova and selected regions or countries in the Eastern and Central Europe. For more information on our regional capabilities, please check this page, contact us or call us directly.