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Know Your Business services

Part of the enhanced customer due diligence services, KYB is one of the most useful tools for companies who are they about to engage or enter business relations with, really. We are conducting such KYB services since 1991, for and on behalf of foreign companies with business interests in Romania, taking the fraud prevention to the next level.

Know Your Business

Know Your Business (KYB) is the due diligence review of the business and industry against a set of verification techniques and procedures. It allows a company to understand who is the party they're about to engage for business, and assess if that entity is a real one or just a "paper file" without real presence. Understanding the above may result in preventing your company being defrauded or involved in illegal activities.

It is our belief that important decisions are often made without verifying information and distinguishing whether it is relevant or not. This is why we encourage our clients to proceed (as per need) to a KYB or KYC enhanced verification in Romania

We specialize in identifying key data, connecting the dots and provide hard data & information to get you the plain facts.