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Eurosurveillance CI is a private investigations Romania agency, established in 1991. During the past 27 yrs, Eurosurveillance CI has built a reputation as one of the leading private investigations Romania firms, assisting international clients in corporate, insurance and legal cases and being regularly involved in intelligence activity, shaping the business environment in this region.


Eurosurveillance CI is specialized in due diligence, background check / pre-employment verification & screening, IP and brand protection, insurance claims (medical, travel, foreign death investigations). We are fully licensed to conduct private investigations on the national territory of Romania. Regionally , we do maintain a strong relation with certified agents & partners throughout Central & Eastern Europe.

National & Regional Focus

Our work combines the local expertise of a professional private investigations Romania practice, with an in-depth national and regional focus. 90% of the clients are from outside Romania; we work closely with and have very good connections with the national law enforcement agencies and customs.


We can assist your organization in obtaining the information and evidence necessary to make an informed business decision, formulate an appropriate course of action in civil litigation, successfully present a case for criminal prosecution, or protect your business intellectual property. Just do contact us and we’ll work together to create a bespoke private investigations Romania job, opening a project which will uncover all the information you need to make the right decisions.

Personal approach

We encourage our clients to contact us to discuss their cases and find that a different perspective often leads to an investigation that gets greater results, leading to better decisions and better settlements.

Where an investigation is prudent, you will find that we react quickly, professionally and above all we will get you the facts that you need to move forward. Romania private investigations is something well worth of your professional interest.

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If you are in any doubt as to whether we can assist you, please contact us.

Julian Tanase is an experienced Romanian professional private investigator, a result-driven licensed professional with proven expertise for the last 28 yrs in the field of private investigations, corporate / commercial intelligence and risk management. Member of the ABI UK, SCIP, BA, IWWA and of various other professional bodies. For his full profile, please click on the LinkedIn logo on right side here.




Hire us for Competitor profiling, Due diligence, Commercial investigation, Business background, Risk compliance, Affiliation & regulatory.


Hire us for Vendor compliance, Counterfeiting & piracy, Trademark infringement, Litigation support, Test purchase, Cyber surveillance.


Hire us for Background check, Interviews, Human resources report, Identity check, CV verification, Employment history & references.


Hire us for Medical & travel claims, Work accident compensation, Legal Support, Litigation Support, Foreign death inquiry.

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  • Test purchase

    We are covertly purchasing the item(s) you need, from Romania, Moldova, Hungary, Bulgaria and Poland. we can do this as an individual, or as a company. We specialize in test purchase of pharmaceutical, automotive, consumables, electronics, clothing and luxury products. All purchases are made under assumed identity, and we provide legal proof of the operation.

  • Service of process

    We undertake judicial and extra-judicial documents serving, on the national territory of Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria and Hungary. We have 3 attempts to serve, and we provide a legal sworn statement of service / affidavit and action report. Our reports are documented in a legal manner, and our actions are always court-proof.

  • Service of cease and desist

    We undertake professional verification towards the status of possible breach of contract, transactions involving counterfeit products, or any other intellectual property infringement. When instructed by our client, we conduct a service of cease and desist of the action deemed to be infringing upon our client commercial or of other nature interests, and we report it in a legal manner. We keep the served party under scrutiny for definite period of time.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018 regulates the collection, use, disclosure and processing of personal information of individuals in the EU. It replaces existing European legislation, such as Data Protection Directive (officially Directive 95/46/EC), and introduces new requirements, it alters existing concepts, which means that businesses will need to review their existing processes to make sure they are compliant.

Private investigative businesses and services they provide (be that plain investigations, background checks, due diligence, insurance claims, etc) can involve significant personal data processing, so complete adoption of GDPR compliance is crucial. It is important for businesses to raise awareness of the changes, review current privacy notices, background screening policies and in general, their approach to this new age of data protection regulations and requirements, which GDPR 2018 certainly is.

CIDP “Tanase V. Iulian, trading as Eurosurveillance CI, is fully compliant with the new regulations. If you have any request for proving compliance or data protection, please contact us. Alternatively, please visit our Privacy & Compliance page. Thank you!

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Eurosurveillance CI is specialized in due diligence, background check / employment verification & screening, IP and brand protection, insurance claims (medical, travel, foreign death investigations), in Moldova, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary.

If you believe we can help you with such services, in the countries specified, please do not hesitate to contact us for a free case assessment.

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