We cannot stress enough the need of the right candidate for the right job, but you already know this better than us. It’s a tricky world out there, and some people will recourse to deceit (unknowingly or not), embellish somehow their resume, put in or take out some parts of their past employment, which could make or break their acceptance or indeed alter in the future their cooperation with the employer. Some may attempt identity theft. Some will downright lie.

Drug Testing

We undertake drug testing for your employees and your job candidates in Romania. Drug testing as a pre-employment process can save a company thousands of dollars per year, by avoiding bad candidates.

Our pledge

Chose our employment screening services and rely on our 30 yrs of professional experience, to closely look into any CV or into an applicant’s employment past which may indicate a possible problem.

Employment history & references in Romania

We’ll get in touch with the applicant’s former employer; what we do actually is reverse-research of applicant’s resume, as presented to you. We’ll discuss with anyone available to shed light and indeed facts regarding the past employment, position, job description, level of competence and dedication, behavioral profile. Basically providing you with a complete file of the applicant’s profile.


We provide anti-doping tests for your employees and your job candidates in Romania. As a company, you can save time by choosing the right candidates to interview.

Court-proof action

If so instructed, we’ll collect references from former employers. All our work will be done legally, making our reports impossible to challenge in court; this is usually a nightmare for legal departments in HR companies. We create solutions, not problems.

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