Our approach on conducting risk-based anti-corruption due diligence in Romania and Moldova

The list below shows a selection of key risk indicators that we consider to be lucrative in order to assess the risk of corruption related to a commercial entity in Romania, be that an individual one or a group or a third-party group.

The key indicators proposed are also a declaration of how we see a due diligence in Romania, planned and executed for a better and positive impact.

O Data collection
O Verification and validation of data
O Evaluation of results, including identification of red flags

Why us ?

Eurosurveillance CI’s comprehensive services in Romania add value to corporate decision makers, by providing crucial information and intelligence about prospective partners, clients, distributors, vendors, competitors, employees, board members or litigants. Investigative due diligence ensures further transparency in commercial activities ranging from business transactions to hiring processes.

The scope of our due diligence services typically covers seven primary areas:

O Financial History
O Operations History
O Legal Matters
O Business Interests
O Professional Reputation
O Background Research
O Undisclosed Liabilities

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