Death investigation in Romania related to insurance claims, investigating an insurance policy where a death (accidental or of an unknown cause) had occurred, researching a foreign death which happened in Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria or Hungary can present a significant challenge, and can be very complex to investigate due to the involvement of language and cultural barriers, access to credible information, unfamiliarity with documents, and the increased difficulty of obtaining those documents. In addition, with an increasing number of individuals having access to technological advancements, creating false documents is becoming easier, making it more difficult to determine document authenticity.

We undertake foreign death investigation in Romania and call in strong procedures of getting to the bottom of the whole affair. We are adepts of this credo : see all, ask all, talk to all, document all. It’s pretty hard to go wrong when your procedures are nailed in place and combine these with a strong human intelligence factor.

We’ve been researching of foreign deaths in Romania since 1991; a long time, a time during which we polished and strengthened our skills and expertise.

We always ask ourselves this, and plot our investigation by these golden rules:

  • Understand the claim and what claimant declares
  • Get personal: who was the insured?
  • Does the travel makes sense?
  • What was the health status at departure?
  • Where was insured staying at the time of death?
  • Trace last 24 hrs
  • The devil resides in details
  • Disposition of the body
  • Follow the money
  • Supporting documents
  • What locals say
  • What partner (if any) says
  • What witnesses (if any) say
  • What doctor attesting the death say
  • Undertaker and mortuary

Platinum rule here:

  • Check all legal documents, mainly those for authenticating the death and those of authorizing disposition of body.
  • When done, check again !
  • If anything (anything !) doesn’t fit, rinse and repeat the procedures (yes, again).

As said, you cannot go wrong when you follow procedures. Elementary, my dear Watson. Do contact us today for a free of obligation service quotation of a foreign death investigation in Romania.