Vehicle track and trace in Romania is a fast and cost effective asset / debtor and missing person tracing solution.

We use only legal means to obtain information leading to the location of your vehicles or subjects; as skip tracing experts our experienced investigators specialize in locating your debtors o assets by providing you with current address information.

The debt can then be collected through your own collection methods or we can help you find a reliable collection services.

  • Fast and effective debtor tracing
  • Reduction in write off accounts
  • Increased profitability
  • Competitive Fees

Our expertise and experience has shown that it is extremely difficult for anyone to disappear completely.

Our expertise and experience in the industry has enabled us to establish that these on-line systems should be used as a guideline only and the key to accurate information is not only desktop and telephone investigations, but getting deep in the streets, sifting every piece of information available, and rely on humint factor, which is the ultimate weapon in our arsenal.

So combining on-line inquiries and old fashioned legwork is the best approach when it comes to vehicle track and trace in Romania.

We can represent you in front of law enforcement or public authorities if you wish us to do so; in this position, we can act on your behalf to obtain release of the impounded vehicle from the said authorities, and send it your way by means of a hired driver or driven by one of our experienced agents.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need a vehicle track and trace service in Romania!