Cease and desist in Romania notification is a service Eurosurveillance CI undertakes and conducts, on behalf of our clients in Romania. It usually involves serving a letter or an order (whichever client shall have at his disposal or decide onto), to a company or an individual considered and believed to be infringing upon client’s intellectual property rights.

This letter or order concerning cease and desist Romania follows a logical line of events, which start with us being instructed by our client or its legal counsel to investigate a possible intellectual property right infringement. If the facts obtained by us confirm it, our client may issue a cease and desist order, which we serve to the party at fault, in order to protect our client IP rights.

These rights may be present as brand name, product name or characteristics, logo, company name or identity, distribution, means of advertising, photographs or product or similar, etc.

The client shall instruct us to deliver/serve the said order or letter of cease and desist Romania, based on his own assessment of the infringing activity, or we can be instructed to first investigate, by the legal counsel of the client or by the client itself. Whichever, we serve the document and also continue to observe further development of the situation. This we do at our client instruction, in order to see and get proof that the party at fault is complying with the cease and desist order.

A cease and desist letter, also known as infringement letter or demand letter, is a document sent to an individual or business to halt purportedly unlawful activity (“cease“) and not take it up again later (“desist“).

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