‘course I would, because I want to show every prospective client how good I am.

OK, scratch that. Not a good start. Let me try again.

Honestly? I believe I would, I really do. However, this is subjective: I know what I can do, I know my capabilities, I am fully aware of the limits of my knowledge and skills, I can discern good professional conduct from a bad one, I am loyal and trustworthy…and so forth. However:

Would I be prepared to trust an investigator from an Eastern Europe country, a territory which is not known to abound in business correctness, to put it mildly?

I probably would, if the urgency of my case dictates it; otherwise, I would really check the guy first, before even contacting him.

OK, so  I do check him out: looks like he’s all right, has and displays all the bells and whistles usually found attached to almost anyone in this business. He is a member of some important professional associations, his webpage appears to be a premium one (not your usually Yahoo or Google free webpages), his credentials look all right, his name does appear in some professional groups and he is an active member on LinkedIn, he looks like he has quite a number of years in this profession, etc, etc, etc. Does this mean I can trust him? I am afraid it does not, because I would need some more proof that he can take on my case in a truly professional manner.

So, I check his memberships: is he a member of one (or more) of those sites which offer paid memberships for anyone willing to pay a buck or two ? (actually, that “buck” is a bucketful of bucks). If he is, I am afraid that it will not mean much to me; such memberships tell nothing, beside the fact that one is willing to pay for one’s display of pompous titles which in fact one never acquired in a professional manner.

Paying $ 150.00 for a membership with Acme Association of Best Gum Shoe or something like that is not a business card I would fully trust; my cat can become a member there, and she’s in completely another line of work, trust me.

That said, such memberships are something I have had in the past, but only as side thing to my professional memberships with the ABI UK, WAD or similar solid names in this profession.

Does he really operates from the country or location where you need the job done ? This is very important, because as lots of companies swear by the location, the truth is that they are not; they have agents or operatives in place, some good and some not so good. Therefore, in cases such as above, the work will not be conducted by the company you hire, but by some local agent, who can be trusted or not. I would not want my job to be handled by some unknown Joe. To me, this approach sounds like a DHL delivery, made by a local taxi driver, if you know what I mean. So, do check his location, if you can. Facebook and Instagram accounts should provide this, if he has such accounts.

Ask him to explain exactly what he can do for you, in an explicit manner; inquire on how legal are his approaches to the matter, and if are there any legal impediments for him to obtain whatever information you seek and need. This legal thing can prove to be a nightmare, if the data has been obtained from a restricted source such as government databases. You may end up involved in a court case without you knowing it.

So what would I do? Well, that’s the hardest part in dealing with your case; checking him out thoroughly would give you a good insight into his capabilities and professionalism. And, lacking any reference on his services, you’ll have to use your common sense and filter the offer through your experience of working with human beings, if you have such.

Not enough to go by? Well, right you are. Nobody said that finding a professional is an easy thing these days. I’m afraid you have to get wet to cross this stream, as it were.

All right then. Would I choose my services? ‘course I would! And so should you.

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