I gave this a long and hard thought; at first glance, this kind of a matter does not seem to belong to such a business-oriented site, such as LinkedIn is.

Of lately, I have been publishing a number of articles which, subject wise, were strongly related to the incapacity of the current Romanian public system to adjust itself to the XXIth century. However, I am not writing THIS article to gloat over it, or to stir the pot of troubles in that or other direction. No. I am just writing this because I am overtaken with grief, sadness, anger, frustration, and more. This is not a ” I told you so” moment.

This is not the first tragedy to hit Romania, and I have a nagging feeling that it shall not be the last (God forbid!). The last 25 years were spent in an eternal roundabout-like journey, where the corruption created bad and stupid laws, and these laws were used to create back corruption and more stupid laws. This is a never-ending circle in which the people of this country are inescapably caught and grinded. The state had abandoned its first role: to protect and bloody serve the greater good of this nation and of its people.

The multitudes of stupid regulations, the obvious and deadly lack of others, poor and retard-like application of those existent, a professionally illiterate or badly trained civil service members, all these are but a few of the weapons used by the state to put a halt to the normal development of this society, of this nation, of this country, of its built-in European spirit.

30 young citizens of this country had died. 30 young members of our society were erased from the board of future of this nation. 30 young healthy human beings were intently denied life. 30 young people of Romania were killed by the system. 30 young men and young women were put in their graves by the negligence and stupidity and corruption and laziness of the public authorities, whomever these may be.

I can no more; my brain is short-circuited by the final knowledge that my own country is kept captive by a system which, in its vast majority, is designed to act contrary to any decent and basic care of its citizens.

Thank you for reading this. May God bless all the beautiful, young lives which were taken from us. May you all find rest and the power to forgive us all!