I keep talking about how bad and unprofessional the private security industry is being regulated and organized in Romania; poor legal frame does help this situation to exist.

A recent event, which casts a negative image onto the whole of the industry. Not the first, and sure as hell, not the last:


Badly understood, execrably regulated, anachronic legal frame drawn by incompetents, interference of state into what should be a professional guild setting. These and more are the agents by which such events (see link) are created.

The last thing a suffering industry needs is another push to fall into public disrepute, forcing it to take an inevitable path towards its own downfall.

But…no one in the industry seems to give a flying shoe on addressing in a proper manner these issues. Sad times, for what is known to be a very honorable profession !

Eurosurveillance CI Romania is a professional investigations agency, founded in 1991: due diligence Romania, insurance claim investigations Romania, anticounterfeit Romania.

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